A Bad Experience at a Bookstore

I didn’t think it was possible either, to have a bad time at a bookstore.  I mean, the place is filled with book!  However, I did in face have a bad experience yesterday.

It started out with me finding out about a cute little independent bookstore in the town I work in. It looked pretty nice inside from the pictures on their website.  Plus, they boasted of having books, tea, and food. Hey, I though.  I like those things, why not check it out?

Well, I park the car, right beside one with an Anti-Bush sticker.  Not a bad sign, and not really surprising at an independent bookstore in a college town.  Well, that was the end of the positives.

It started when I opened the door.  The reaction was a mixture of nobody acknolodging my entrance and a scene in the movies where music is playing and all of a sudden the music screeched to a halt.  The place was clearly filled with “regulars”.  I would’ve turned and walked out right then, but I wanted to check the place out.

Well, there weren’t many books really.  The list should have been: food, tea, and a few books about Buddism.  That’s mostly what they had.  Still, they had a children’s book section, so I thought I’d check that out.

So I get over to the kids section and they did have a few cute books.  I might have even made a purchase.  While I was standing there, there were two ladies sitting at a nearby table, enjoying the “food” portion of the shop.  I overheard one way to the other in a not so subtle voice, “This is why I hate sitting here.”  I don’t know if that was directed at me, but it seemed to me like she was offended that somebody had the nerve to look at books while she ate.  I left moments after that.

The whole this is disheartening, especially because I love independent bookstores, and would rather shop at those than the big places.  I don’t think I’ll be going back there, though.  Who knew that it was possible to not like a bookstore?