A Bad Experience at a Bookstore

I didn’t think it was possible either, to have a bad time at a bookstore.  I mean, the place is filled with book!  However, I did in face have a bad experience yesterday.

It started out with me finding out about a cute little independent bookstore in the town I work in. It looked pretty nice inside from the pictures on their website.  Plus, they boasted of having books, tea, and food. Hey, I though.  I like those things, why not check it out?

Well, I park the car, right beside one with an Anti-Bush sticker.  Not a bad sign, and not really surprising at an independent bookstore in a college town.  Well, that was the end of the positives.

It started when I opened the door.  The reaction was a mixture of nobody acknolodging my entrance and a scene in the movies where music is playing and all of a sudden the music screeched to a halt.  The place was clearly filled with “regulars”.  I would’ve turned and walked out right then, but I wanted to check the place out.

Well, there weren’t many books really.  The list should have been: food, tea, and a few books about Buddism.  That’s mostly what they had.  Still, they had a children’s book section, so I thought I’d check that out.

So I get over to the kids section and they did have a few cute books.  I might have even made a purchase.  While I was standing there, there were two ladies sitting at a nearby table, enjoying the “food” portion of the shop.  I overheard one way to the other in a not so subtle voice, “This is why I hate sitting here.”  I don’t know if that was directed at me, but it seemed to me like she was offended that somebody had the nerve to look at books while she ate.  I left moments after that.

The whole this is disheartening, especially because I love independent bookstores, and would rather shop at those than the big places.  I don’t think I’ll be going back there, though.  Who knew that it was possible to not like a bookstore?

9 thoughts on “A Bad Experience at a Bookstore

  1. Urgh, that’s awful, how long until they go bust? I had a bad experience at an independent bookshop years ago where the security guard was letting all the “regulars” in with their bags but came after us and confiscated ours in a really embarrassing way. I never went back after that.

  2. Sorry for that! I actually know how that feels. Walking in somewhere and feeling very unwelcome. It’s a terrible feeling. Sorry you had to deal with it. They didn’t deserve your business anyway!

  3. You need to come to the Biblio Cafe in Glasgow. Not only does it have my photography on the walls, but it’s wall to wall used books! And Lou loves all her customers. Of course, it’s not like Scotland is just a quick drive across town…

    • Thanks for the comment Chris. 🙂 I take that as an open invitation to Glasgow. I hope you won’t mind the four of us staying with you. I promise the baby won’t wake you up more than three or four times in the night 🙂

      That Cafe does sound nice. I’ve seen you post about your artwork on your blog. Very cool.

  4. You are so much kinder than I am. I don’t know if I could have resisted even a small act of retribution. At the very least, I would have posted the store name and address. At my most extreme, I think I would return to that shop with every child in my bloodline. I would make sure every one of them was good and sticky, and hopped up on sugar. Chica thought she hated that seat before . . . Just wait.

  5. Me? I’d have ripped a big one, looked around innocently, and then started singing zippitydoodah at the top of my voice. Better to get thrown out than leave gracefully . . .


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