Decisions, Decisions

A few things going on in my world. First of all, we have the son’s two month check-up today. He will be getting shots, I’m sure. If he’s like his sister, though, this won’t be too much of a problem.

The reporter from the newspaper called me to talk about my writing for the publishing of my winning entry on Sunday. He already had some info on me from my previous wins, but I had some new info too 🙂 Also, I sent them a new picture (those who “friend” me on facebook will recognize the picture).

Finally, I took a new Honda Insight hybrid car for a test drive yesterday. I really like it. I was getting around 50 miles per gallon while I was driving it around (it tells you as you drive). That would be nice. I just have to decide if I want higher monthly payments and to give away my beloved Element. The sticking point is that we’re so tired of being slammed by the Element’s doors and being stuck in between them when we try to get the kids out of the car.

So, that’s me and my exciting life. I’m so ready for the weekend and the hopefully warm weather.