Everyone For Themselves

Thanks everybody for the kind words yesterday. I enjoyed my time in the spotlight for sure. I also had a bunch of co-workers offering to help me finish my novel, as if lack of ideas was my problem. They just don’t understand the tortured mind of a procrastinating writer.

This weekend I was taking out the garbage through the rickety side door of the Writer Mansion. Really I could’ve just thrown the garbage through the door, that’s how frail it is. Instead I went for the old school way and opened the door. Of course a bee flew through the door into the house, buzzing right past my head. Of course I also had left the kitchen door open, allowing said bee a chance to enter Writer Mansion Proper.

So, bee buzzes past my head and I turn to dash into the kitchen through the door I left open. Only as soon as I start through the door, it closes on me. Turns out my wife saw all this happen and decided to protect herself, leaving me to my fate. Sure she’s allergic, but still…

Actually we both had a good laugh about it and I think she did the right thing. Once I composed myself, I went back down to try to get the bee out of the house in the most humane way. I opened the door. Then a hornet flew in. At that point I was trapped with two stingy things. They are both now in Insect Heaven.

I write this just so you know even us celebrities sometimes have to deal with life threatening situations. 🙂