Photographic Evidence


I said the other day I’d take a picture of the newspaper and post it here, so here you go!  It’s a bit blurry, but you can see that my story was on Page 1 of Section C of the Sunday paper.  They even added a photograph of a guy with a knife and a lady with a cat. Pretty cool! You can read the story here.

Not much else new here.  It has been hot lately.  90 degrees hot.  I like warm weather, but this is a bit much. Of course tomorrow they are calling for 60 degrees.  Can’t we get a happy medium?

21 thoughts on “Photographic Evidence

  1. That is beyond excellent my fellow scribe! 🙂 Good vibes and congratulations your way. I do have a bone to pick: 90 degrees is NOT a bit hot or much or anything of the sort! If I see one more snow flake I’ll scream. I’ve still not been able to ditch this damn coat and turn off the heat. Up here in Newfoundland we BEG for 90 degree weather at this time of year. Please display some pity for me, I’m a sponge for it ya know. 😉

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