Writer Down!

I had my writing critique group meeting yesterday. It was the first meeting we’ve had in a few months. Normally we had been meeting in the homes of each member, but yesterday we decided to meet at the cafe in Barnes and Noble. It was a good time, even though we were missing a few of our members.

To my dismay, we found out one of our members will no longer be attending our meetings. Not only that but she may have given up writing altogether. This really got to me and I’m still reeling from it today.

This is somebody who had just completed a novel. It was a fun and entertaining novel and I had the pleasure to read the entire thing and critique it as well. More importantly, as the story progressed the writing seemed to progress as well. In fact, the final chapter was very good and I struggled to find anything that needed to be adjusted with it. This was a novel that wasn’t far away from being publishable. It was a novel that deserved to be read.

I’m not sure what happened. This particular writer was always very hard on herself, but I had hoped it was just self-deprecation and she didn’t really think everything she said. We all tried to encourage her and let her know she was on the right path. In truth, I think she is a better writer than me.

Anyhow, I hope she returns to our little group. And if she doesn’t do that, I hope she at least keeps writing. I know how hard it is to finish a novel. I hope she doesn’t throw all that hard work away.