A Beautiful Day (Weekend)

Ever cram a month into a weekend? We did that this weekend, and you know what? I have no complaints.

Friday I took the day off of work to help get ready for the birthday party on Saturday. It was a pretty productive day. I was able to strip the paint and re-paint my front door frame. It was chipping and looked pretty bad. This is what I saw first every day when I entered the house. It feels so great to have it looking nice, although I doubt any of our guests noticed the difference.

Friday night I wrote the final two lines of my novel. I didn’t complete the final chapter yet, but I now know where it’s heading. And knowing is half the battle.

Saturday was the party and began with everybody waking at 6:00 AM. It was a whirlwind from then until I read my daughter a book to get her asleep at 8:00 PM (we know she was exhausted because it normally takes at least three books to get her to sleep). Everybody was so generous with their gifts. She got a baseball mitt, a soccer ball, two baseball bats (that she used as to play hockey in the back yard!), some rain galoshes she’s wanted, and many cute outfits. Plus she has a sandbox on the way.

My grandfather finished my novel at the party and my wife’s Dad started the novel. He nearly finished it too. They had to pry it out of my father in law’s hands to get him to go home. He didn’t say, but I think he enjoyed the story too. This is very surreal to me. I get very nervous watching people read my writings.

Sunday to our chagrin started at 6:00 AM also. It was a good thing, though, because we had to get the house cleaned for a visit from my wife’s best friend from home. We took a nice walk to the park and the kids got to run all around. We saw a mother duck and five little fuzzy ducklings in the creek. Very cute.

Sunday night we took the moms out for dinner (my wife and my mom). That was a good time as well.

The baby did an amazing stretch of five hours without waking up Sunday night. I had an actual dream, although I forget it, of course. I’m tired today, but it could be worse. All in all, it’s a good life.