Park It


The family and I attended a lovely little festival, The Big Spring Festival, in the park near our house yesterday. The air was a little chilly, but we had a really good time. They had a ton activities for kids, including decorating a little flower pot and free face painting. My daughter had her face painted like a cat, and she was floating the rest of the day.

The baby had a good time too, I think. Well he mostly slept in the “Baby Bjorn” carrier my wife was wearing, but what else is a two month old gonna do?

The photo above is of the sign in the “sculpture garden” at the park. The sculpture is a copy of a sculpture of Abraham Lincoln (his head at least) created by Bellefonte born George Grey Barnard. For some reason, I visit this sculpture every time we go to the park. Not really sure why. I just find it interesting that there’s a giant sculpture of President Lincoln’s head in our park.

Here’s a photo I took of the sculpture yesterday. Notice the birds have not been kind to him.

Just found a photograph on wikipedia of the full original sculpture of Abraham Lincoln.

On an unrelated note, remember that writing contest thingy I won a few weeks ago in which I was published in the local newspaper? Well, they published chapter three yesterday. I think the guy did a good job, although I’m a little disappointed he didn’t pick up on the magical hints I planted about the cat.

Happy Monday and let’s hope for a Penguins win tonight!