Slow Motion

Bear with me today everybody. I gave blood during my lunch break and I now feel a bit slow, for lack of a better word.

Not much is new with me. That baby just didn’t want to go to sleep last night, so I didn’t get any writing done. I was able to watch a bit of the hockey game (go Pens!), but not much.

Other things happening in the world… Obama is raising the fuel economy standards for the US auto makers. That’s a good step, I think. Would’ve been done sooner if we didn’t have eight years of an oil man as President.

My birthday is in eleven days. I turn 32. Just another day for me, really. I don’t mind birthdays. It will be nice to see everybody and go out for dinner. I don’t mind me getting old. I just wish everybody else would stop it!

I hope to have an energy boost tonight and get some writing done.

7 thoughts on “Slow Motion

  1. Happy Birthday Paul !
    You have a lovely family and I have just read your great rememberance of the time you had with your daughter (for her 3rd birthday).
    Also, have my congrats for donating blood!

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