Never a Dull Moment

I took the day off today because, well, just because. It came in handy, though, as my wife held a “birthday playdate” for our daughter. I was able to help clean and referee the four toddlers in their quest to learn how to share without knocking each other to the ground. All in all it was a beautiful day.

My daughter had two funny lines today that I just had to share. First, while she was playing in her sandbox by herself, she discovered a bug. Without missing a beat she scooped up the critter, dumped it in the grass and said, “Peace out BUG”. I nearly feel to the ground after that one.

Next, she was “helping” me water the plants and she looked at her watering can and said, “Have to save some water for the mummas.” This one confused me for a moment, until she walked over and watered the Mums. 🙂

Not much else happened. Had to talk to the police because I discovered some poorly done graffiti on the sidewalk outside my house. Not a big deal. Just wanted to have it documented in case more showed up.

Back to work tomorrow and a three year checkup for the daughter. Such is my exciting life.