Two Short Of A Full House


Nobody can say I can’t keep a secret. I kept a juicy one for over five years.  More on that in a moment.

This past Sunday my baby sister had her Bridal Shower.  Yes, she’s my baby sister even though she’s 28 years old. That’s just the way it is. Anyhow, being a guy I wasn’t actually invited to the shower.  I did go, though, to help set things up, take things down, and eat some of the leftover food.

Anyhow, the shower seemed to be a hit.  I know my daughter had a good time there.  My wife painted the little one’s fingernails and toenails for the first time and she felt so BIG!  She also had a great time helping to unwrap presents and call out the numbers for the door prizes.

Now on to the secret.  About five years ago, before our wedding, my maternal Grandmother made my wife and I a photo album as a wedding present.  I don’t really have the words to describe it.  Ours is similiar to the one in the picture above.

As the story goes, when my Grandmother felt her health was failing due to ALS she, with the help of my wife and my Mom, decided to make an album for my sister for when she got married.  They completed the project on 10/12/2004 according to the note my Mom wrote on the box.  My Grandmother died soon after that (sorry, the date she died escapes me, I just know the world is a little less bright since then).

So, I’ve known about this book since then, even before my sister was even engaged.  So many times I wanted to tell my sister about it, but I knew it would be even more special when the time was right.  Well, that time was Sunday at the Bridal Shower.

My Mom was crying before my sister even opened the gift. My sister started crying as soon as she saw the inscription. I held strong, although there may have been a little bit of water coming out of my right eye. Well, I stayed half strong. The picture above is of my sister, holding the photo album.

I remember sitting there before the shower and after, thinking how happy I was that my sister is getting married. I couldn’t help but feel though, that the party was two short, as both our Grandmothers are no longer with us.  I guess they were there, though, in our hearts and surely in our memories.

7 thoughts on “Two Short Of A Full House

  1. I have to admit that I began to tear up also reading your post. It’s a lovely story. What a wonderful present and congratulations to your sister!

  2. That almost made me cry! What great forethought on the part of your grandmother and what a priceless gift!

    Both my grandmothers made it to my wedding, but neither made it to the birth of my first born. There is really never enough time.

  3. What an incredible sentiment! I’m so impressed that you kept that a secret for FIVE YEARS! If I ever want to share a secret with someone, it’s going to be you.

  4. I have aedding album just like that. My grandma did the same thing, She msade everyone baby quilts. I had 4 before I was even married.

    What a great touching story.

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