In Favor Of Writing Groups

I had my monthly writing group meeting last night at the local Barnes and Noble.  As always, I feel a huge confidence and writing energy boost the day after the meeting. I’ve said it before buy I’ll say it again, if at all possible you writers out there need to find a group to share your writing with.  Don’t be shy. It’s worth it.

The meeting went very well, even if our numbers have dwindled to only three members. How could it not go well, when spending two hours talking about writing with fellow writers.

I submitted my Chapter 2 for the group to critique, and I wasn’t really sure what their reaction would be. One of their first comments was how well they are beginning to know the characters and connect with them.  This is great to hear. I just wish I could feel some connection with my characters. I think this is my biggest stumbling block.

The only bad thing about meeting in Barnes and Noble is that I drank a Starbucks coffee at 6:00 in the evening. I didn’t fall asleep until 1:00 this morning! Oh well, at least that gave me time to get the Wii connected to the router, which I was finally able to do!

11 thoughts on “In Favor Of Writing Groups

  1. I second the enthusiasm for a really good writing group. Mine is all online, so I miss that personal face-to-face, but we have become very good friends, and we keep each other going when the going gets tough (to use a cliche!). We share information, agent names, the process, as well as critiques. It is truly invaluable for me.

    Hooray for getting the Wii connected too! Be careful though… I am just getting back to a pain-free life after tearing the tissue in my foot playing Wii Tennis 20 months ago. Yes… I was wii-injured. Humiliating but true.

  2. “I just wish I could feel some connection with my characters.” – This is a serious thing to say, Paul. It is strange that you don’t feel one when it looks like you are able to characterize them rather well for your readers – their comment on characters is witness to this.

    You’re right about being in regular contact with fellow writers. 🙂

    • I know Vesper. It’s very serious. I know it’s holding me back. I think if I go back and read what I’ve written (gulp) it would help.

      The readers are getting it, which is good, but I need to get it too!

  3. On the character thing. I didn’t feel a huge connection right away. I focused more on plot and the characterization just came, by the end I was connected.

  4. The problem with such a big city like Chicago is finding a group that is small enough. Three sounds like a nice number, but I guess you have to start with more to get down the core 🙂 That’s great that you got such great feedback from them! Congrats!

  5. I belong to a writing group. As far as their advice goes, sometimes I take it, other times I leave it.

    It’s my dream to become a professional novelist. But, day just hasn’t happened yet. I’m still praying, wishing, and hoping. Meanwhile, I search for work that will put food on the table.

  6. Yes, yes, yes to having a writing group. I didn’t find one until I was in my fifties. And I’m in a rural area – our group is eight people, some of whom drive twenty to fifty kilometers for the monthly meeting.

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