The What If Fairy

Let’s just come right out and say it.  The What If Fairy, the magical being that poses little questions to me to spark my writing, has deserted me.  Just up and gone away, leaving me without any ideas.  It’s so not fair, because I never did anything wrong to her.

I’m not talking about “writer’s block” here.  I can and have been writing. I’m just not getting any of those new ideas, the ones that come when I’m driving to work or in the shower. The ones you scramble to find a pen and paper for.

I miss that feeling. The euphoria you get, just after you think of a great idea, when you just know that this is the one. This is the idea that’s gonna change things. If only I can write it…

I’m gonna work through this. I’ve already opened an account at the newly christened and hope to start writing some little stories there. Some of my most fun writing came from the stories I wrote for its predecessor Ficlets.

Anyhow, I know this drought is temporary and the What If Fairy will return to me. I just wish she’s hurry up!

Switching gears, tonight is quite possibly the last game for the Pittsburgh Penguins this season. They are down three games to two and their backs are agains the wall. If the lose they are done. If they win they force a game seven. I know they can do it. Let’s go Pens!


7 thoughts on “The What If Fairy

  1. I never get ideas out of the blue. Maybe inspiration for new projects, but never what ifs for a current story. I don’t know why. I only get those ah-ha moments while I’m actively writing. Then I squeal OMG! and make notes on the side of the scene I’m working on and when I’m done writing for the day try to figure out how I’m going to work them in later.

    And what’s up with Hockey AND Basketball finals on at the same time? Not that I really watch either, but it always strikes me as the worst planning strategy ever.

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever gotten a solid idea like that to write a short story. Blogging, yes, true writing no. Although I have been actively trying to think about that while exercising and I have to say it’s a bit more inspired when I exercise.

    I like to think those are the endorphins, but who knows? I haven’t written a word regarding that stuff so I’ll have to get back to you on it.

    p.s. Had to laugh when I finally realized about four days ago that the Red Wings (my, um, home town team) is in the Stanley Cup playoffs right now with your Penguins.

    So I’ll just declare a side right now — Pennsylvania. Go Penguins!

    (Yes, I am not a sports fan and I do live under a very large rock.)

  3. I sort of know what you mean even though I’m not a writer as such. I used to write daily blog posts until the inspiration just dried up, I spent longer and longer pondering what to write about until I reached the point I am at now – I only write when I have something to say – not ideal for a ‘real’ writer, I’m sure. I’m sure your fairy is just having a snooze and will be back in full flight very soon.

    Hope your boys do well. I do like penguins….

  4. I’m sure the ideas will come. Just keep reading. BTW congrats to Pengs for going to game 7, although they did have a few scarey moments in the last few minutes.

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