Learning a New Language

I’m learning a new language. No I’m not learning Spanish, or French, or German, or whatever they speak in Philadelphia (zing!). No, I’m learning a new programming language.

In my day job I’m a computer programmer and they have me learning Java.  Now, before you take away my Geek membership card, I already know Java. It’s just I don’t work with Java and don’t know Java here (the programming environment, workflow, etc). I’m excited to be learning something new, but I also know it’s gonna mess with my head a bit.

In general, I don’t have a lot of trouble picking up a new programming language or technology. I’m actually pretty good at learning new things.  However, for the past eight or so ways I’ve been programming in VB .net, which does things a certain way. Now, I’m gonna be doing things the opposite way. Dyslexia, you are about to become my friend.

For example I’m used to doing this:

Dim X as int = 1

and Java does this:

int X = 1;

See? They’re the reverse of each other. Not a big deal really, but I can only imagine how many times I’m gonna screw that one up.

Now, I leave you with a comic:


2 thoughts on “Learning a New Language

  1. Man you totally lost me at int =X. Although, as previously noted at my pad, spell check likes the word int whenever I misspell “in the” and it becomes “int he.”

    So maybe spell check speaks Java?

    Um good luck with all of that and Go Penguins!

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