A Job Done Well

I mentioned last week that my Dad and I spent six hours sanding away paint on one of my porches in preparation of painting the porch. Well, we ran out of daylight that day, so the porch remained paintless for the past week. Yesterday, Friday, we were able to finish the job. Here is the before and after:




We have a few touch-ups left to do, but overall I am very happy. We were drained by the end of the project, but we feel great about the improvement. Thanks Dad!

12 thoughts on “A Job Done Well

  1. Paul, it was a great father-son project. I enjoyed doing something like this with you. It looks great!!!! It was well worth the effort and your mom and I hope Liz, the kids, and you get many years of enjoyment from it. By the way, your mom has a great idea for the deck.

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