Red, White, and Bleu

So, tomorrow is July 4th. Ra Ra, and all that stuff. You’ll most likely be asked to “support the troops”, and that’s good. It you see a troops anywhere tomorrow and maybe that troops is falling down, I suggest you lift the troops up or at least let it lean on you. That should offer enough support to the troops for it to stand on its own.

Seriously, though, we should remember those who have sacrificed for our country. It should expand beyond the military, however. I plan on maybe taking a few moments from stuffing my face with food and chasing around my daughter to remember those that selflessly keep the country going. Those that give blood, those that volunteer in their communities, the doctors that run free clinics for those that cannot afford health care, to name a few.

You know what, I think I should let the professionals do the talking. Take it away, Hulkster…