Deep Thoughts

Today starts the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in the town I work in. It’s arguably the biggest event of the summer. I think it should be renamed to the Central Pennsylvania Festival of Stuff I Can’t Afford, and Even If I Could Afford It, I Have No More Wall Space to Hang Anything. I guess their name for it is a little more succinct, though.

Driving to my cousin’s house for 4th of July, winding along the back roads and what qualifies for a highway in the country, we passed a road that has the best name ever: “Wits End”. The road was pretty  much somebody’s driveway, and most likely was named for 9-1-1 purposes. Anyhow, I want to get lost at Wits End, just so I can call people and when they ask me where I am I can answer “I’m at Wits End.” Then they will say “We know, but WHERE are you,” and I can say “No, really, I’m at Wits End.” Then we can all have a laugh.

FYI I’m working on a story for a writing contest at The Clarity of Night. I will post it here once it is posted there. For those interested, here are a few of my efforts from previous writing contests:

You can also check out more of my fiction by using the “My Fiction” category here or by using this link to my fiction.


9 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  1. Ah! Such memories!! Every student at Penn State probably has a love/hate relationship with the Arts Fest. It’s crazy fun, but turns the town inside out. I much preferred the quiet, lazy summer days to the packed streets! But man, the art was incredible!!

    LOVE the name of the street!! Hilarious!! Maybe I should name my driveway…

    I’ll try to get to your stories tonight. It would be fun to browse through them! For now… of to work on my own!

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