Lost a Pint of Blood Today

Well, not really. More like I gave it away. Still, I feel a bit weebly-wobbly right now. I have a post on writing just begging me to write it, but I’m gonna have to take a mulligan on that. Can’t quite get the synapses to fire at the correct times right now to let me do that. Tomorrow, it is.

8 thoughts on “Lost a Pint of Blood Today

  1. That’s crazy. I guess we always want what we can’t have because I wanted a green one but they didn’t have any available. Now whenever I see one I look at it longingly.

    I do love it though.

  2. Yay for you!! You are my hero!

    I had to have a blood transfusion six years ago. Saved my life.

    I’ve tried to give for the past five years but I keep getting rejected. Apparently I’m very anemic.(I’m hoping that is more a reflection on my iron count than on my personality!!) But I keep trying, because it’s sooo important!!

    Take that mulligan. And go eat something. 🙂

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