I feel a bit better today, but still a bit tired. Could be from giving blood, or it could also be from staying up too late to watch the All Star Game. Either way, here’s another short post. Sorry.

I love the randomness of kids. I particularly love the randomness and enthusiasm of phone conversations with my three year old daughter. I never know what exactly she’s going to say when they call me at work, but it’s usually funny and with the energy only a young person can have.

Case in point.  They gave me a call this morning. My wife handed the phone to my daughter. This is what happened:

Me: Hi Emma

Emma (before even saying hello): My fishies are swimming underwater and my kitty’s just loookin’ around…

Me (laughing): That’s nice …

It turns out she was working on a drawing at the moment her mom gave her the phone. That was pretty much the highlight of my morning.  I also can’t wait to see this drawing of hers. Hopefully the kitties keep just looking around, and don’t eat the fishies.

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