Dreaming of The Moon

First of all, my Grandfather is home and doing fine. He had quite a scare and in fact told my Mom that his chest pain was the worst it has ever been, and he has had heart attacks before. My Mom told me that once he called the ambulance, he went outside his house and waited for him. Typical Pappy. 🙂

On to the Moon. I totally got caught up in the 40th anniversary coverage of the Moon landing. Particularly, I was fascinated with yesterday’s content at tor.com. I urge you to go check it out. They got a bunch of sci-fi writers, men and women, to write about their memories of the Moon landing. Reading some of those posts, was like watching an episode of The Wonder Years.

It’s a different experience for me, for sure. I’ve never lived in a time when man hadn’t been to the Moon. The idea is almost mundane now, until you really think about it. Just imagine trying to go to the Moon with a computer less powerful than the one in your iPhone.

Heck, when he landed the LEM on the Moon’s surface, Neil Armstrong had only 17 seconds of fuel remaining. He burned that up and he and Buzz Aldrin would have been stranded on the Moon forever. Crazy stuff.

The sad part is that going to the Moon was only supposed to be the beginning, a stepping stone to the rest of the galaxy. At least that’s the feeling I get from reading those author’s thoughts on tor.com. Turns out, we got to the Moon, and decided that was far enough.

A bit unrelated, but I also watched a few clips of the late Walter Cronkite, particularly his coverage of Martin Luther King, Jr’s and John Kennedy’s assasinations. As I watched these clips, I couldn’t help but hope, in my heart of hearts, that they would somehow end differently.