Good Times


I must state again, for the record, that my sister’s wedding was a great time. They made a beautiful couple, and everything went without a hitch. And, everybody made it to the wedding (yay Pappy!).

Just some quick thoughts on the wedding. I didn’t cry during the ceremony, although I came dangerously close when my daughter, the flower girl, came walking down the aisle. There’s something about seeing your little girl walk down the aisle, even if she’s just three years old, that gets to a Dad. Didn’t we just teach her how to walk?

The whole walking down the aisle thing was a big question mark, as my daughter got cold feet during rehearsals and started to cry. Luckily, one of the bridesmaids walked with her (they did the same during the real deal too). The cute part was she only threw two flower petals down on the way down to the altar. When my wife and I were walking out with her at the end of the ceremony, however, she started laying down the rest of the petals. I guess she saved them for us!

Another funny moment happened during the photos after the wedding. All the groomsmen and my sister (the bride) were to do a “funny” pose. Somebody came up with the idea of all of us holding her while she did cute poses. Well, everybody was just standing around, so I just picked her up and the other guys filled in!

Unfortunately, the photographer would up positioning everybody and I was just stuck there holding her. I couldn’t put her down, because I didn’t want to her to think she was heavy. She’s a petite girl, but definitely weighs more than the last time I held her (age 2?). As sweat formed on my brow, they finally after five minutes or so took the photograph. I can’t wait to see that one.

The reception was a hoot.  I may have gotten a tad misty during the photo montage. My wife missed it completely because she was feeding the baby, so we’re gonna have to show her that once they get back from the honeymoon. The groom did a good job preparing that.

In the end, the baby and the three year old stayed up way past their bedtimes. We got home around 10:30 or so at night, exhausted but happy. It was a good time.

Well, since you’ve all been good, here’s a picture of me and the son at the wedding. I do a good job of not looking totally exhausted.