I Live In a Van Down by the River


image via The Hermitage

I came across an absolutely lovely blog yesterday, The Hermitage,viaTerri Windling’s blog.

The above image is from the blog. It tells the tales of artist Rima Staines and Tui, “her man, best friend and fellow traveler” as they spend their days in their house on wheels. I could describe the blog here, but words fail me. I suggest you just go over there and check it out for yourself.

A part of me wishes I could live in such a way, traveling the countryside, with my only roots being the very thing that is taking me from place to place. It’s a very romantic idea for me.

Of course I don’t quite think it would work out too well for me. I’m not sure riding around with a baby and a three year old would work out very well. Then there’s the notion of employment. I’m no artist. I’d have to get money for gas and food someplace. Then there’s the fact that I’ve become a bit soft, I think, over the years of domestic living. I’m not rich, but I have never been homeless either. Maybe I could just try it for a day?

Well, I’ll probably stick to my house right near town, where the people have never heard of the crazy new invention called the “muffler”, and who find have a great desire to speed by my house for no reason at all. All the while, I’ll be living vicariously through the posts at The Hermitage.