On Notebooks


You all know by now that I’ve switched from writing on the computer to writing by hand. As I’ve said before, this is a necessity not a choice. I thought today we could talk a bit about notebooks, because who doesn’t love notebooks?

My notebook of choice is the Moleskine. I love those things. Unfortunately, I’ve found that I cannot write fiction in a Moleskine. Please refer to this post: Moleskine Anxiety.

So what do I write in? Well, I started the current novel on a piece of scrap paper. The idea came to me in a flash and I had to use whatever was available to capture it before it flitted away. Then I kept on writing on scrap pieces of paper, front and back, each labeled with a circled number, so I knew which order they went. This was OK for a bit, but I knew I needed something more stable. My biggest nightmare was that once of the pages would be misplaced and I wouldn’t be able to re-create the idea.

So I found a notebook to work in. This one isn’t a Moleskine. In fact, this notebook most likely cost me a dollar. It’s very similar to the one in the picture at the top of this post. I’m not really sure what I’m going to call this novel I’m working on and if it even develops into a novel. I look forward, though, to writing my name and the title on those two blank lines. There’s something permanent and real about that, I think.

What do you use for a notebook?