Flash Fiction – A Cat and a Fish

So, yesterday I came across a flash fiction contest over at Kyle Cassidy’s live journal. The story was to be 350 words or less, include Kyle’s cat Roswell, and part in the universe of a novel titled Seaborn. In not much time, I wrote a little story and submitted it. To my surprise I was one of three honorable mentions. That was a nice little boost to my ego today. You can read my story below.


Roswell slammed her hand on the wheel of the Nautilus. It was bad enough that Nemo hadn’t given her much more than a pat on the back and a ‘Good luck’ when he retired, but it was becoming quite apparent that the old bucket of bolts was no longer seaworthy. And, the “fishy people” were laughing at her.

Why she would have gone with an all feline crew, but in this economy you go with what you can afford.

“It’s not as bad as it seems, you know,” said Kassandra, patting Roswell’s furry back. “I haven’t seen them for days.”

The words had barely escaped her lips when the Nautilus pitched hard to the left sending both Kassandra and Roswell to the floor. “We’re lost for sure,” cried Roswell, dazed. She had landed on her feet, as always, but that didn’t prevent her from pumping her head.

“Nonsense,” said Kassandra, with a fire greater than . “I am the Wreath-wearer. I did not go against my Father’s wishes and return to the sea just to go down so soon in our journey without a fight. Is this not the Nautilus, the most feared vessel on the sea?”

“It is,” said Roswell, her ears back on her head. “It’s just that he never gave me the manual.”

“Well, let’s have a look,” said Kassandra, inspecting the controls. Each lever and switch was more beautiful than the next, luminescent as the day they were made. Except for two.

On the far right corner of the control panel was a tiny, spring loaded mouse. “What does this do?” said Kassandra, pointing to the right of the toy.

“What does what do?” said Roswell, her eyes glazing over. She reflexively batted at the wooden mouse.

“This one,” said Kassandra, pointing at the switch. “The one labeled On/Off.”

“I guess I never saw that one before,” said Roswell, using all of her willpower to ignore the switch’s neighbor.

“I think old Nemo was playing one last trick on you,” said Kassandra, smiling. With a flick of her finger, the Nautilus was on its journey once more.