Over the Edge

I went over the edge on Saturday. Not figuratively or anything like that. I literally went over the edge. Let me explain.

Saturday they were having their annual Art Festival in my town. It’s just a little festival, but it’s a lot of fun. We thought it would be nice to invite one of my co-workers to join us there. She has never seen our house.

So I was tasked Saturday morning to mow our lawn, to make it look nicer than it really is. No problem. Out I go with the mower, and everything is fine. For the finishing touch, I decided to mow a bit that was overgrown on the side of the house, to make things look extra nice.

This particular area is above our decaying retaining wall, which has been my bane since we bought the house. To cover up some of the crumbly parts, I let some vines grow in. So, I’m mowing backwards, dodging old stones and bricks, when I take one step to what I thought was the edge of the wall where some weeds were. Only, it was one step too far and down I went.

The whole thing felt like slow motion. I remember thinking that it was gonna hurt when the mower fell on me. Well, I pushed the mower away and hoped for the best. Amazingly, the mower stayed just on the edge of the wall. I cut up my shin pretty good, but other than that was fine. I think all the times I fell in sports helped me know how to fall while getting hurt the least. Trying not to imagine what could’ve happened.

So that’s the story. I thouight about taking a picture of the wound, but nobody wants to see that.

Also, it’s a million degrees here lately. We’re having our July in August. I hate it. Nobody, especially that baby is sleeping. I’m ready for Autumn big time.

7 thoughts on “Over the Edge

  1. Auugghhh! That’s one of my huge fears in life. However, the mower we have stops as soon as you let go of the handle. Did you let go of the handle.

    I guess even if you did and you were falling backwards the mower might still fall on you without the blades going and that would still be terribly traumatic.

    Be careful out there, eh?

  2. Good lord! Way to avoid the emergency room! Now see? I think you’ve established this kind of maintenance is far too hazardous and should be avoided. Go “natural”.

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