Nice Hot Cuppa Java

Things are good and bad with me. First the good. Java class has been good so far. I’m picking the language up pretty easily and the days have gone fast. Of course it’s been a whole lot of “Hello World” (the first program you usually write in any language is the “Hello World” program), and we only got into some of the difficult aspects today. Tomorrow we’re delving into more of the “object oriented” concepts, which I’m sure will add to the difficulty.

Now for the bad. We’ve been getting 90+ degree temperatures for the past week or so. I can’t say we’re enjoying that. We do not have central air conditioning. When I publish that first novel and become world famous we getting central air. The sleeping at our house has not been good. On top of the hot temperatures, the baby son has decided he’s going to go from sleeping angel to waking up every hour at night. My wife and I are at wits end.

So, I haven’t done much writing. I’ve done a little though on my lunch breaks. I’ve been bringing my notebook to Java class and writing a little bit here and there. It’s not much, but better than nothing.

Anyhow, that is life here.  Could be worse, but hoping for better.