Why Do You Want To Be Published?

A little question here as I write this, melting from the heat and just waiting for the baby to wake up. This one is for all you writers out there. Why do you want to be published?

My answer has a few parts. One reason I want to be published, for sure, is the money. I know most writers don’t get rich from writing, but I can dream. Also, even if I don’t get rich, a little supplemental income couldn’t hurt. So, yeah, honestly, the financial part is a bit draw for me.

Another reason I’d like to be a published author is the “bookstore moment”. You know, to be able to walk into a bookstore and see my name on the spine of one of the books. That would be sweet. Then I could harass everybody in the store into buying a copy. Double sweet.

Finally, I just really like to entertain people and make them laugh. My types of stories, I hope entertain first and are good second. If I’m published, more people will read my work, and I’ll have entertained more of them. Pretty simple.

So, those are my answers. The real question is which one is the main reason. That changes, pretty much, from day to day.

What makes you want to be published?