Wild and Crazy Guy

What a wild and crazy Saturday, I’ve had and it’s only 7:30 PM. Well, not really.

What have I done today, let’s see. In the morning I replaced the headlight in my wife’s Beetle. I bought the bulb last week but just today had a chance to install it. I brought my daughter out with me, to show her how to change a bulb. I doubt she’ll remember, being three and all, but it doesn’t hurt for her to watch me.

The last time I changed a bulb in the car was when it was cold outside. It was much easier working today and still being able to feel my hands.

After that, we went to Target to pick up some items. Actually, this was a bit wild and crazy as it is moving in weekend for the University. That makes places like Target and Wal Mart insanely busy. College students and even worse, college students parents roaming around the place aimlessly, trying to find all the stuff they forgot to pack at home. Just a little frustrating.

Then it was off to Lowes. I picked up a six foot cutter thingy (technical term) to use to trim an out of control shrubbery in the yard. The fact that it is six foot long should tell you a bit about the state of this shrubbery. Moving along…

In Lowes they have some mocked up kitchens, with dish washers and stoves, and nice cabinetry. My daughter was playing in there while we waited for our paint to be mixed. Anyhow, she was pretending to make us dinner. Macaroni and hamburgers. You can tell a bit about our household menu from that. I’m surprised there wasn’t any chicken fingers or hot dogs.

When we got home, I fed little Mr. T. his first vegetable meal, sweet potatoes. He did pretty well with that, although he would be more content trying to eat the spoon.

So, yep, that’s my wild Saturday night. When the kids finally go to bed, then things get really wild. I hope to drink a beer and either do some writing or read Harry Potter. Sorry ladies, I’m taken. 🙂