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I came across some interesting writing info, and thought I’d share a bit today. Gotta give back to the community, right?

Remember how I was talking about my hate for outlines (always)? Well, I’ve decided I’m really going to give it a try. It can only help my writing, I believe. So, I did a little search on the ol’ Internet today using the search term “outlines of popular books”, trying to find some examples. Wouldn’t you know I came across the Harry Potter lexicon. They have an outline up for each of books up there. It’s pretty excellent. Here’s one to The Chamber of Secrets.

Those are some pretty detailed outlines. What I did was I cut out all the detail and kept each chapter summary. This will give me an example of an outline I’d like to create for my novel. The goal here is not to copy Harry Potter. I just find it useful when creating something to have something successful as a model. Why re-invent sliced cheese?

Next, author Justine Larbalestier had a pretty excellent post today on getting ahead of oneself and asking the wrong questions as an unpublished author.

Finally, they have posted some badges for 2009 NaNoWriMo. I may have to take part again this year, for the badges alone. Very shiny.

12 thoughts on “Writing Stuff

  1. That is a sassy badge, I must admit. It’s making me consider joining as well.

    Oy, I am such a procrastinator, but I think I do need to check out the links you’re providing.

    Who knows, I might actually write something at Ficlets.


  2. I work with outlines, but always wind-up going off the map. I look at it as a guideline, but a malleable one. Yes, i occasionally have to stop and rewrite the outline. Sometimes I change the name of it to a scene list or chapter list just to make it feel less like being bossed around.

  3. I have a template for a one-page outline that I like to use. It forces me to finish thinking through my ideas. There is, however, a danger for me. Once I’ve finished the outline, I often feel as though the story is written, and I abandon it to begin the next outline. Weird. I know.

    But NaNoWriMo . . . Do it. We can be buddies. I’m already compiling my list of trash talk.

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