I Feel Like A Zombie – In a Bad Way

Right now, my brain feels like a kettle full of stale candy corn five and a half months after Halloween. And I hate candy corn.

I’m functioning on three or so hours sleep. It’s a “glasses day” (as opposed to contacts). I’m not feeling grumpy, just unable to concentrate. I think five neurons inside my brain are actually awake, and they keep bumping into one another.

On top of that, I found out today my ice hockey season starts on the 20th. That’s not a bad thing. What is bad, however, is the extreme pain in my dominant side elbow decided to return today. Great.

So, I feel exhausted and sore. On top of that, my wife got just as little sleep, has to watch the kids all day, and has an EXTREME case of poison ivy. I actually feel worse for her.

How are you? 🙂