I Feel Like A Zombie – In a Bad Way

Right now, my brain feels like a kettle full of stale candy corn five and a half months after Halloween. And I hate candy corn.

I’m functioning on three or so hours sleep. It’s a “glasses day” (as opposed to contacts). I’m not feeling grumpy, just unable to concentrate. I think five neurons inside my brain are actually awake, and they keep bumping into one another.

On top of that, I found out today my ice hockey season starts on the 20th. That’s not a bad thing. What is bad, however, is the extreme pain in my dominant side elbow decided to return today. Great.

So, I feel exhausted and sore. On top of that, my wife got just as little sleep, has to watch the kids all day, and has an EXTREME case of poison ivy. I actually feel worse for her.

How are you? 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Feel Like A Zombie – In a Bad Way

  1. I have had severe poison ivy before. i PITY her. I’ve been sleep deprived, but not in that– “get used to it because this is your life now” way, so i really feel for you. Saw a thing today where they’re starting to treat tendonitis by taking some of your blood, putting it in a certifuge (sp?), and infusing it with extra platelets from your own body, and injecting it into the tendon. amazing results supposedly.
    Hang in there buddy.

  2. So sorry things are tough at the moment. Everything seems worse when you are tired. I suppose the most comforting thing to say is that things will get better. Children do sleep through the night eventually and then when they are teenagers and become nocturnal beings as my sons did, at least they can entertain themselves! I hope the Poison Ivy (we don’t have that in the UK, thank goodness) and your elbow improve soon.

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