Spending My Days at Hogwarts

I’ve been spending my days at Hogwarts. Well, I’ve been living there and also 12, Grimmauld Place. I must say that I’m quite enjoying the escape.

Let’s put aside my life with my family. That is great although challenging with the two kiddies. I’m loving that reality. Some of this other stuff, particularly the news, just makes me want to run away screaming, looking for a he-who-must-not-be-named to fight.

I mean who would’ve thought people would get bent out of shape because the President of the United States (!) wanted to address the children of the country. The horror. The horror. I know these are the people that just want Obama to fail no matter what and will never be happy about anything he does, but CNN and those other news organizations act as if the majority of people are upset about it. Meanwhile, I don’t hear Fox News saying that their hero, Saint Ronnie Reagan, did the exact same thing.

I could write much more about so many other things in politics today that are driving me insane, but I won’t. It’s just driving up my blood pressure. Let’s just say that it seems like there is a large amount of the population that seems to be getting their news from The Daily Prophet.

Mostly I’m working on just ignoring it all. Creating my own worlds where the smart win over the dumb. Where people take a second to think before spouting their garbage. A place where the meek maybe do sometimes prevail, where peace wins, and Glenn Beck is not a multi-millionaire.