Weekly Thursday Lull

Well it’s Thursday, and again I feel as if I were run over by a car full of manatees. Why manatees? Just because.

Really, I’m just tired from waking up early with the baby. I really have no idea how many hours of sleep I get a night anymore. I usually walk upstairs to the bedroom at 11:30-ish and wake up at 6:00-ish, but I don’t know how much of that is actual sleep. Today I was up at 5:00 AM because the baby was up and ready to go.

He said “mama” yesterday, his first official word. It is his “get out of jail free” card now. It seems anytime he wakes us in the middle of the night or when he rolls over making it impossible to get a diaper back on him, he plays the “mama” card. It even works on me!

I’ve been busy, when possible, working on a chapter 1 of a new story I’m going to share with my writing critique group on Monday. I think it’s a good start, but really have no idea. We shall see. This is the one I have been writing in my notebook. So far, that has been working out fairly well for me.

I saw another hawk on my drive in to work this morning. Sometimes I wish I was a hawk. They always look like they’re on top of things. And well rested.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Thursday Lull

  1. This is why we gave up having babies. Three babies times how many years of not sleeping??

    So now I have book ideas that keep me up night.

    Not nearly as cuddly. 🙂

  2. I remember those days, not being able to function let a lone string a sentence together, that’s why they have to be cute and say things like mamma”. It makes all the crying worth it, at least sometimes.

  3. I continue to be amazed the human race hasn’t died off by now. Yeah they’re cute and all, but holy crap! When’s a guy/gal supposed to get some rest? Hopefully this weekend you guys can nap when the kid does.

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