A Good Writing Day

I just came across a bit in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that made me smile. It is stated that Arthur Weasley’s dearest ambition in life is to “find out how airplanes stay up”. I love this. It’s just a tiny detail about a character, but just makes me like him even more.

On my writing front, I had my writing critique group meeting tonight. I think it went very well. They really liked my Chapter 1 and had some good edit suggestions. For example, one of my writing ticks reared its head a bit. I tend to have characters shrugging and rolling their eyes a lot. I totally would not have seen this in my own work. I’m glad they pointed it out. Anyhow I always come away from these meeting feeling energized about my writing. Tonight is no different.

I also started my entry for that writing contest I mentioned yesterday. It’s gonna totally kick butt I can tell already. Also, I’m not accepting lack of time as an excuse not to enter. The dealine is October 31st. You can certainly write 500 words in over a month. Grr. 🙂

That’s about all from me. I’m just hoping to keep this writing momentum going.