I’m A Wizard

I felt very much like a wizard today. No, it wasn’t because of my writing, although I still had a little residual glow from the writing group last night. I felt like a wizard today because everything really clicked on my Java project today and it was all a bit magical.

I guess programming is the one thing in the world I am really good at. If I were half as good at writing as I am at programming, you would be calling me Mr. Published Writer McGee. Or something like that.

Anyhow, I was in the zone today and it felt really good. Rarely anymore do I feel a little bit excited to go in to work but I feel that right now. Part of it is I’m learning something new and part is I get to code all day (no meetings!).

I do feel like I’m getting a little sick. Not terrible piggy flu, but annoying sinus stuff. I saw it coming like any parent who has a sniffly kid and then spends a night at 3:00 AM snuggled up to the kid reading to them to get them to sleep. You just have to expect it and deal with whatever comes. Me, I’m just pretending I’m not sick at all.

I continued on that little writing contest today. It’s a funny entry and I think you’ll like it.

Finally looming in the very close future is ice hockey season. My first game is Sunday night. My goal for that night is to not pass out. I’m going to be very much out of shape. I haven’t skated since before the baby was born and didn’t even play softball this summer. It will not be pretty.

Oh well. At least I have Java.