Epic Thursday

I feel like I just ran the gauntlet. Seriously. I had three hours of meetings in the Morning followed by two hours of meetings in the afternoon. It was rough, but I did get a really nice compliment from my manager for the way I handled things, so that’s nice. I’m amazed I handle things well, as I have found my internal editor is not as quick lately in these sleepy days of having a six seven month old.

Had a pretty good writing day yesterday. I’ve been struggling to come up with a good opening paragraph for my latest attempt at a novel, and got one early yesterday morning. I wrote it up during lunch yesterday and sent it over to one of my critique group members. She wrote back right away and told me that the paragraph was good but the second one was even better. She was right, of course. Have I mentioned you really should join a critique group?

Unrelated, but still awesome, the first 70+ pages of Terry Pratchett’s soon to be published new novel are available for free to read at Harper Collins’ website. This one is “football” on the Discworld: Unseen Academicals.

4 thoughts on “Epic Thursday

  1. Glad to hear you’re feelin’ it dude. I agree about the lats post too– the time we live in are amazing. About people too. There are some selfish asses, sure. There are also some very generous courageous people. Sometimes they’re one and the same depending on what day you catch them on. 🙂

  2. Just finished Unseen Academicals, which was a lovely read and not at all the disappointment that his previous Making Money was. Good to see him back in good form, particularly with the diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s last year.

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