Pulse Smartpen

The crew and I were in Target the other day. While my wife took the daughter in the dressing room to try on tutus for her ballet class, I took the big guy T-Mike with me to the automotive section. They didn’t have what we were looking for so we swung by the electronics since it was right there. It was unavoidable really. I’m like a moth to a light when it comes to that stuff.

On our way to the huge televisions, we came across an interesting device called the Pulse Smartpen. It is an interesting device for sure. It’s a pen, but when you write with it it captures an image of what you write so you can later upload the text to your computer. It also has a built-in microphone in case you have any audio notes you would like to capture. The pen is $120 or so, so it isn’t cheap. You also have to use special paper for it to work.

Anyhow, click on the link and check it out.

My question for you would be, do you think a pen that captures your written notes would be handy, and do you think it is worth $120? I’m on the fence, really.

PS I hope this post is understandable. I’m writing it at 12:16, having just rocked the aforementioned T-Mike to sleep.