Top 8 Facebook User Types

I have been a user for a year or so, and in that time I’ve noticed there are certain types of users there. So I figured I’d make a list of them, because who doesn’t like lists, right? Here are the top 8 Facebook user types.

  1. The Activist
  2. The Activist is going to change the world, one Facebook news link at a time all the while annoying the 50% of their friends on the other side.

  3. The Gamer
  4. You know the type. There isn’t a quiz or meme or Mafia Wars type game this person hasn’t played and posted about. This is where you’ll find the addictive personality types.

  5. The Curious
  6. The Curious most likely created an account because they heard everybody talking about this “Facebook thingie” but haven’t added anything to their profile yet because they are too scared.

  7. People wearing not much clothes
  8. I see less of this since most of my friends are in the 30+ age group (I like to call this group Internet old), but I can see this one being more common in the High School/College set.

  9. The Proud Mommy/Daddy
  10. Photos of the kids. Status updates about the kid’s bowel movements. I may or may not be this type 🙂

  11. The Quipper
  12. Always quick with a funny status update or vague 1980s movie or song reference that nobody else gets but is HILARIOUS. This one also may or not be me.

  13. The Marketer
  14. Using Facebook to get ahead. One thing is for certain, you always know when the Marketer’s next gig will be because you are hit with it a month in advance and every day after.

  15. The Traveler
  16. Photos from their trip to France. Photos of them at the Super Bowl. Photos of them at the Parthenon. The Traveler has gone places you have only dreamed, and you have no hope at being as cool as them. Not even with pictures of you at the Sloth cages at the Erie Zoo.

I’m sure there are other types of Facebook users. Feel free to add them in the comments of this post.