I Love My Critique Group

So, I had my writing critique group meeting last night and it was a big success. I always come away from our meetings feeling energized about my writing, and last night was not any different.

First of all, I shared my contest entry for Karen Lee Field’s 500 word story contest (you still have a month to enter). My group very much liked it and had some really nice things to say about my writing, while still offering some suggestions.  Love that.

Secondly, and more importantly, I got to read other writer’s writing. Let me tell you, there was some good stuff this week, particularly from our newest member.

I’m never sure what I’m going to get with a new writer’s work, so I always approach with caution. Boy was I pleasantly surprised, as this new writer’s submission blew my face off. Her writing was fresh, extremely funny, and just a joy to read. It reminded me a bit of Encyclopedia Brown, except with two female detectives in the lead.

So, if you are on the fence about writing critique groups, there is another reason to join one. You get to read and be inspired by some new writing, for free. In fact, it’s your “job”!

7 thoughts on “I Love My Critique Group

  1. If it’s a terrible group, it’s miserable, but when it works… Wow! What an awesome thing it is! I’m so glad you’ve found a really good group (I can tell it’s good because they tell you what’s good about your writing AND what needs work! Most are only one or the other).

  2. I”m so impressed with your writing and your involvement in your writing groups. I’m sort of stymied with inaction right now. But I know jumping in with both feet is how you get started and how you get comfortable with something.

    It’s like blogging in that you need to get your feet wet and keep at it until you feel comfortable.

    So I’m trying to use you as my example of someone who’s done it and keeps on doing it with good results. You’re an inspiration to me, sw.

  3. A good crit group — one that manages to be supportive and encouraging while offering helpful, constructive feedback — is sooo valuable. It’s gold, really. Big heavy shiny gold. Hang onto it. 😉

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