NaNoWriMo – How’s Your Planning Going?

NaNoWriMo 2009 is in ten days. How is your planning going? Mine? Let’s just say I’m glad I have ten more days.

I am very glad I’ve been planning and thinking about my story this early in the game (yes, this is early for me). It has forced me to look beyond my initial story idea and think about my story arc. Right now I have a pretty well defined protagonist and antagonist, I know how the story begins. What I don’t know yet, is the main problem of the story. Only the most important part, right?

I’ve come across a few more resources. This one is actually part of that nanowrimo young writer’s handbook I mentioned the other day. It’s called Creating Interesting Characters (warning: pdf file). This next link, How to Get Ready for NaNoWriMo, had a lot of good information. Some of it may be overkill, but it is worth a look.

So keep chugging away on that planning everybody. It will be so worth it in November. You’ll be flying along while everybody else is struggling with what to write next.