NaNoWriMo Break – Sesame Street

I’m sure you are all tired of NaNoWriMo talk. I am too. I’m at 7,802 words as of last night (only 200 off my goal) and I feel like there is a very real chance I won’t survive the month. 🙂

So, something different. Did you know Sesame Street is celebrating its 40th birthday? If you go to google.comthey have been displaying Sesame Street themed headings this week. Pretty cool.

Even better, Sesame Street is having a vote on the “Best Sesame Street Ever!” and allowing people to vote on their favorite segments of each decade. Right now it’s The ’80s. Even better is Grover’s intros. I love Grover, even though he was The Monster at the End of This Book.

Be careful though, NaNo’ers. You could waste some good writing time over there. 🙂