NaNoWriMo Day 5 – 9,731

As of last night I’m at 9,731 words, less than 300 words off my goal of 10,000 (to average 2,000 words a day). Last night was a struggle for sure. Yes, I wrote 2,000 words, but I nearly fell asleep while writing and was up until midnight.

Right now I wish I really was Mario, because I’d eat a flower or mushroom or leaf and power-up. Unfortunately, I’m not Mario and if I eat at least one of those things I could get arrested.

I will know by the end of the weekend if the wheels have come off or if I pull out a miracle. It really is 50/50 at this point.

Still, I’ve written a lot and I feel good.

12 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 5 – 9,731

  1. I’m impressed! Way to go! I’m still way behind. But I know I can catch up. Yeah, last night was not a good writing night. I think I would have been better off not writing last night.

  2. Hey, I just signed up for the thing after realizing my novel needs, oh, say 35000 more words. So that’s my goal and I just started today and did 1645 during my kids’ playdate, which is pretty frickin incredible. So hooray–we’re all in it together. I might also do a local write in night with Bay Area Nanos. Sounds cool. I’m going to be updating on my woefully neglected blog, so that will come back to life a little too.

  3. Wow. I’m impressed. I’m trying to do six pages a day for my own “win” of 3500 words by month’s end, and I’m getting into a mindset of writing everyday, which is pretty wonderful, and feeling a bit protective of my time to write, which is also just as it should be but hasn’t been, so all this is great.

  4. Nice to be back. Just had a revelation about my blog too…I should break out a teaching one (which I am often thinking and writing about) and bag the writing one, since there is SO very little that I have to say about my writing. I’m not sending stuff out, and if I am writing I am doing that, not blogging. Dunno, it’s an idea. And I think a blog about teaching English in a community college would be good. They’re better, don’t you think, if they’ve a narrow focus (think Julie and Julia…). What do you think?

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