Fighting Every Day

Not a lot new here. Writing. Working. Eating. Sleeping (a little). And baby wrangling.

I’m also fighting off a cold, although I’m trying really hard not to admit that to myself. It’s not terrible, just a bit uncomfortable.

With being tired and a little under the weather, I have been fighting the desire to take the easy path and quit NaNoWriMo. I haven’t quit yet, and have in fact been writing 2,000 words a day. Still, it is going to be a long month.

The only other thing I did was shoot some basketball free throws at work for a local charity. People pledged to give a little bit of money for each basket we made. I made 18 out of 25, which isn’t so bad for an aging fart like myself.

Right. Off to write.


6 thoughts on “Fighting Every Day

  1. I think that’s the secret blessing/curse of NaNo… it’s that stinking peer pressure and the public commitment you made to do something that makes it hard to quit.

    Keep at it. Look at how much progress you’ve made! Look how much you’ve written! Isn’t that amazing? Don’t give up when it gets hard. Push through and come out the other side.

    You can do it! I can’t wait to see that badge up on your blog!

    • Hey, I like Susan’s take on that. But I was stymied by those statistics. 18 out of 25!! Sweep the Leg, dude.

      No chance, no how I could make a free throw.

      Not alone. Not together. Not on a boat. Not on dry land. Not with help. Not with Divine Intervention.

      Well, not at all. I think you get the idea.

      Anyway, you’re sort of close to the same stats with Nano — you’re at 9K out of 25K (just double it and then make Cardio-math out of it and you’ll see it’s the same. Really it is.)

      So there. Stay strong, sensei!

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