Still chugging along, still tired as ever.

Saturday night we got a rare chance to go “out”, just my wife and I. We went to a surprise birthday party for a friend at one of the local hangouts we used to frequent. I was a pretty good time, even though we only stayed out for a couple hours. Everybody that saw my wife remarked at how much she was smiling and how happy she looked. Yes, we need to get out more often. 🙂

That night, around 9:00 or so, I was finally able to sit down and attempt to work on my nanowrimo novel. That’s where the fun began. Now, I knew I needed to write at least 1,667 words, but I was blinking the entire time, trying to stay awake. Then it happened. Let’s call it the phantom sentence.

I guess I entered into a half asleep/half awake state, and must have been dreaming a little because I looked up at the computer screen and saw a sentence that did not fit the story at all. At all! It was a real sentence, with verbs, nouns, and prepositions all in the proper order, but other than that it had no business being in the novel. I quickly deleted this intruder and kept on writing, winding up with a disappointing but not catastrophic 1,110 words for the night.

Now I’m wishing I hadn’t delete this sentence. Maybe it was the meaning of life, right there on the screen and I just deleted it. Or maybe it was my grocery list for the next day. I’ll never know for sure.

Anyhow, I’m 35,000 words into this thing, with a week remaining. I’m enjoying writing and have learned a lot more about writing. Still, it will be nice to get some rest next month.

7 thoughts on “Zzzzzz

  1. That really is weird! Your subconscious is telling you something. My experience is that if you don’t get it the first time, it will find another way.

    Keep an eye out!

    And isn’t the first cardinal rule of NaNo DELETE NOTHING. There were words you could have added to your count!

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