Novel Summary

I got this idea from cardiogirl, who has already written 50,000 words this month. She has time for such procrastination. I do not.

In microsoft word, you can “auto summarize” your document. You can include as many or few sentences in this summary. Just to help in Word and look up “summarize” to learn how to do this. Yes, for once Help is actually helpful.

Anyhow, here is the ten sentence summary of my novel:

Katie sighed.

Geez, thought Katie.

Katie continued.

Katie laughed.

Katie smiled.

“Right,” said Katie.

“Right,” said Katie.

Katie laughed. “Katie, c’mon downstairs,” yelled Katie’s mother.

Katie whispered.

Makes you want to go out and buy the book, right? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Novel Summary

  1. Considering my main character’s name is Katie, I’d expected mine to look more like yours. Who knew the boyfriend she leaves at the altar less than halfway through the story would take over the summary with his incessant laughter?

  2. Hi struggling!!! I’m at Dunn bros at this very moment, pulling out all my tricks on this thing to push it over the 10,000 word edge in just two more days…darn those jobs and relatives…..but at least I’m participating…right?
    She reaches for chocolate.: )

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