What Up?

Let’s see. What’s up with me lately? Well…

On the writing front, not a lot is going on. I have worked on some short fiction, but have not tried to get back into the novel swing. Soon, though. I hope.

We put up the Christmas tree last weekend, which we weren’t sure we were going to be able to do. We were worried the human tornado, aka our 9 month old son, would knock it over. He has been good so far. I guess he’s only interested in pulling my books and  his books of our bookshelves and throwing them on the ground.

Politically, I am upset. I knew Obama wasn’t all that liberal when I voted for him, but it seems like progressives don’t have his ear at all. Meanwhile, we’re ramping up war and getting watered down “change” in  health care and the likes of Joe Lieberman are running the show. In that vein, this made me smile.