Of Interest

Some quick things of interest.

First, somebody on twitter linked to this letter Kurt Vonnegut sent to his family during WWII.  Very powerful.

On about February 14th the Americans came over, followed by the R.A.F. their combined labors killed 250,000 people in twenty-four hours and destroyed all of Dresden — possibly the world’s most beautiful city. But not me.

Second, my wife has written an entry for the Clarity of Night short story competition. Her entry is entry #144 titled Looking for Fun. It’s a fun, unique little story. You should check it out.

The only other big news from me is that a house has come on the market, most likely out of my price range, but only by a little bit. It has everything I want in a house. We’re probably going to take a look at it this week. Now if I could only finish a novel, get and agent, and sell the novel, I might have just enough money to cover a down payment. Easy, right?


7 thoughts on “Of Interest

  1. You and me both. I see it in our future. Not just one novel, but three. Not just any agent, but the best agent, and not just sell the novels, but auction them all off in six figure deals. That’s what I see. Oh, maybe that was my dream last night. Best of luck with the house. Tell your wife good luck with the contest.

  2. I am so glad I am not the only person who feels like so many more things would be affordable when/if my novel was published. Cause I just know the money would come rolling in.

    And I’m really only looking for 12K a year. That would cover my kids’ tuition. I wonder if I can make that off a novel. I’d only need it for the next 12 years…

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