Life Would Be Better with a Movie Montage

My favorite movie montage of all time, from Karate Kid.

Here’s a tweet I wrote last night, after completing my workout:

Starting to work out again would be a lot more fun if I were in a 1980s movie montage and had some really mean villain to fight at the end

How true is that? So, remember my goals for the year I posted? Working out and finishing a novel? Well, I’m happy to say I’m well on track with the working out thing. I lifted weights three times last week and twice so far this week. I’ve also gotten myself into this fitness challenge at work and am attempting 100 pushups, 60 sit-ups, and a certain amount of parallel bar dips at least three times a week. I’ll get back to the sit-ups in a moment. If only it were this easy.

Before last week, I hadn’t really worked out much in 10 months since the boy was born. Just looking at me, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell one way or the other. I haven’t really gotten fatter. Actually, I think the opposite has happened. The muscle that I had not noticed when I was working out started to disappear. That I noticed.

Anyhow, lifting weights on my little weight bench in my basement, I couldn’t help but think of movies from the 1980s, where the main character gets discouraged and let’s themselves go, only to be challenged and then start working out again. Cue music montage. A few minutes later, the protagonist is ready for the final battle/fight/confrontation with the villain/antagonist. If only it were that easy.

Back to the sit-ups thing. To be honest, I never thought sit-ups as a real exercise. Just never had problems with them. Well, things have changed at age 32. I did three sets of 20 sit-ups on Monday. It was difficult, but I managed. Then, Wednesday night I tried to do the same. I got to 1 sit-up and thought I was gonna die. So painful. So old. I managed to get to 3 sets of 20 again, but I’m pretty sure I took a couple years of my life away, like that machine in Princess Bride.

In conclusion, 80’s movie montages good, sit-ups bad.


4 thoughts on “Life Would Be Better with a Movie Montage

  1. You don’t have to do situps to get killer abs, despite what everyone tells you. I absolutely wrecked my back a few years ago, and couldn’t bend forward (or much else) for at least a year. i had to just work my abs by doing stuff, like supporting my core when i did things– you know, functionality stuff- basically to keep from breaking in half.

    They got really strong from learning to support my back until it was healed, and i just learned how to use them in the sports i do– running, kayaking, cycling, skiing etc. I’m way old, but my stomach is totally flat, and my sporty pal is always pissed because it looks like i do crunches all the time, but i haven’t done any in about 4 or 5 years now.
    Just food for though. 🙂

  2. Working out was one of my goals for the new year too. I used to do it religously, but things kind of got away from me. Why is it so easy to get out of the habit, and so hard to get back into it?

  3. The idea of exercising horrifies me. I, literally, have had panic attacks at the idea that I might break out into a sweat accidentally one day. I’ve not only adopted the lifestyle of the latter-day sloth, I’ve embraced it with all the verve of a fanatic.

    My way of justifying it is simple. If you eat something that’s toxic, your body reacts by getting sick and making you throw up. The pain you feel during, or after, exercise is your body’s way of telling you to stop it immediately, and go take a nap.

    Listen to your body….

  4. Great post!! I laughed so hard I think my six-pack abs developed!! 🙂 80s music montages are the best! I once had a work-out tape (yes, a tape) of music from the best motivational movie songs… Rocky, Hoosiers, Top Gun, Karate Kid…. some kick butt music to run too!!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon enough to get back into it full swing!

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