I’m still sick, and now sound like a 10 pack a day smoker. However, something momentous happened that I just had to post about. My son, Luigi in the picture above, has taken his first steps at 10 months of age (almost 11 months). Walking is not his only means of transportation right now. He still likes to crawl and is much better at that. However, he’s becoming more brave with the walking.

Anyhow, just thought I’d share the good news. Now back to the sniffle sniffle, cough cough.

7 thoughts on “Walker

  1. Oh, it’s such a short trip from walking to running to asking to borrow the car, Dad! Enjoy it while he’s still a pedestrian!

    Hope you feel better soon. Curl up with some tea and a soft binky when you can, and suffer it out…

  2. So sorry about the sickness!! It sounds like we have bubonic plague around our house, too. I, thankfully, am still freely breathing. And just now I jinxed myself. 😦

    The walking thing… congrats!! I loved that phase!! Mostly because they are so cute toddling around, and also because they don’t travel nearly as fast for a while as crawling, so it buys you some time to get to them before they get in too much trouble! 🙂

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