A Night At the Symphony

For my wife’s birthday she told me she wanted to go to a concert for our local symphony. It sounded nice to me for a couple reasons. #1 it would make her happy. #2, grownup night without the kids.

And so, after a hectic day and a quick meal/open presents/blow out candles dinner with my family (the babysitters in this equation – thanks mom and day and sister and brother-in-law), we were on our way to the symphony.

Now, when I say local symphony, I’m talking about the Nittany Valley Symphony. These are local musicians, but I’m pretty sure not all communities have these types of local musicians. Being this close to the university we get world class musicians that are also professors at the university. For example, the night’s featured soloist on the violoncello, Kim Cook, “has performed to critical acclaim as a soloist in 26 countries including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, China, Israel, Jordan, Latin America, and throughout the United States”.

You know how they say certain guitarists “melt faces”? Well, Ms. Cook melted my face with the violoncello. I lack words to describe the performance. You really had to be there.

The piece I most enjoyed was Cello Concerto in B minor, by Antonín Dvořák. If you click on that link you can listen to a performance of the Concerto, though again it’s not the same as being there in person. I still recommend it, though.

So yeah, it was just a great night. The type of night we won’t soon forget. Much better than the typical dinner and a movie night. There’s just something about witnessing artists doing what they love, putting every once of themselves into their work that’s just magical. Also, no dirty diapers or tantrums.


7 thoughts on “A Night At the Symphony

  1. I have only heard my husband use the phrase “melt your phase off” and couldn’t help but laugh when I read it.

    I have such a high level of respect for musicians and love going to the symphony. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. My husband and I met in music school, and I had to attend so many concerts over the years that it really started to wear on me. I guess that was a good sign I didn’t belong in music school anymore, huh? But now, as antsy as I know I’d get sitting still and quiet for two hours in the dark, reading this made me really miss those moments and appreciate all those concerts. I’m glad you both had an enjoyable night out I hope she had a great birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, Mrs SW. So glad you both had a good night out.
    I love listening to any live music, be it at a festival, a classical concert or just a singalong at a party – it is so uplifting and certainly adds an extra dimension to the music.

    My favourite is being part of a crowd of people singing (had a euphoric moment singing along to Coldplay at Glastonbury one year) maybe I should join a choir…as if I hadn’t got enough to do 🙂

  4. Like the way you make the reader feel like they are sitting in a stuffed chair across from you and you are re-telling the story.
    Very easy and enjoyable to read – you are a story teller- have fun with it!!!

  5. Awesome. I wish we had something close like that here, but the only place I can think of where we have stuff of that calibre is TO and that means a two-hour drive there and another back, so staying over, but then there’s the dog to consider…

    Instead I listen to our classical radio station, though as you said, it’s totally not the same.

    I’m all about classical. It’s my favourite.

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